Laneway App prototype - UX-UI project
Laneway - Music Festival App project
1 day festival in the city for the upcoming young artist touring around Au - NZ and Singapore.
Tafe UX/UI cap project. Collaborative Sole designer

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The project included design Logo - Website - Pitch presentation -
Visual Guide - Intro video - Icons selection and modifications.

-under confidential agreement-

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I helped ASC to organize the information. create a clean brand image with strong visuals.
Selected their image and text tone. And even help them with text copy.

-under confidential agreement-

Best Gift Cards - Vendor App | UX-UI
Even though vendors could login to the Gift Cards portal to redeem the cards, Restaurant partners rejected the new process. They are so used to swipe credit cards through Eftpos terminals that the new system was not welcome by most vendors.

Our solution was to develop a Vendor App for mobile devices. Very well received for mobile vendors (spas and pets) but, for Restaurants that didn't have mobile devices available, this was not solving their redemption problem. The app is now installed in portable card readers which can scan the barcode and gift cards redemption is execute in the spot. The App installed in the blue card readers was extremely well received by Restaurants.

Best Gift Certificates splashes
Best Gift Certificates website development proposal. The first approach of relaunching this site after 7 years was tailored made.
Once the project was facing development, management decided to buy an e-commerce platform and customized the landing pages of the chosen template.
• Brief design and web architecture.  • User flows. Icons, UX/UI design.

Top, 2015 Shopping cart. Below, 2018 iteration. Business change in the Gift Cards processing makes digital and physical cards available. Multiple cards are allowed in one order, with different values and delivery methods or gift accessories for physical cards. Ready to add more products like the new Best Pets gift cards.

• UX/UI design • user flow

Best Gift Cards -Homepage re-fresh

2017 iteration of the Best Gift Cards site.
Search bar across the site. Filtered by categories. Geo-localization available. Online Activation.

Best Gift Cards -relaunch 1
Best Gift Cards website. | e-Commerce
The cards were showed first as was part of Best Restaurants of Australia and sold only at stores. It generated confusion on which restaurants participated in the program so it was decided to have its own online platform. The program was so successfully it was decided to launch the sister gift card for spas and beauty salons.
Approached as mobile first project.

• UX • UI • graphics and icons.
Best Gift Cards -different sections of website
Best Restaurants of Australia - homepage relaunch

Best Restaurants of Australia website major redevelopment. A second stage was made the site mobile responsive.
With more than 7,000 restaurants, promoting its e-commerce a big catalog of the dine scene around Australia.
Major re-design and update in technologies made possible to the website to maintain its predominant position on the Google rankings.

• Wreframes • UX • graphics and icons • banners.

Best Restaurants of Australia - splashes

Best Restaurants of Australia. Different pages of the project, including an ad hoc backen.

Homepage, search results, backend cover, backend restaurant page.

Best Restaurants of Australia - eDM

Best Restaurants of Australia. eDM for subscribers and for B2B restaurants participating in the catalog.

Personal Pro - Blog. Colour and image consultancy

Personal Pro. A personal training, nutritionist and ex-olympian, Fabio Diez.

• Banners • colour palete • fonts settings.

Macs website. Tafe excersise with animations.

Screenshots of the first Mac's brewpub opened in Sydney.
Adding sounds, animations and floating bottles. It was a fun project at Tafe!

Tafe excersise. 3 Graphic designers museum exhibition.

3 big designers exhibition at the NGA museum. Website exhibition splashes. Tafe exercise.

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