Faculty of Economic Studies brochure.

Faculty of Economic Studies brochure. Design and layout for Malerba & asoc.
The Dean was to travel to China and realized has no material to hand out. He needed a marketing piece to sell the studies overseas. The brochure was ready in two months time.

F5 Update magazine. issue number 1

F5 update. Issue# 0 Design and layout issue #1with Malerba & asoc.
As a project for Accountants and economists the magazine showcased current affairs and a technical dossier.
The studio was the coordination hub liaising with writers, journalists, photographers and illustrators and also supervising press edition.

F5 update magazine issue #3

F5 update. Issue# 3 with Malerba & asoc.

Zona Franca Comodoro Rivadavia, brochure.

Zona Franca Comodoro Rivadavia, Free trade area for the oil and gas industry tri-folded brochure.

Estudiio Abierto. Open studios, San Telmo neighbor

Estudio Abierto. For the Culture Secretary of Buenos Aires City Government, planned a series of open studios events to promote the arts. In the form of a newspaper, this guide promote and published all the events involved. This issue featured "San Telmo" neighbor.

Estudiio Abierto. Open studios, Abasto neighbor

Another guide for Estudio Abierto. Client: Culture Secretary of Buenos Aires City Government.
This event featured "Abasto" neighbourhood in Buenos Aires city with open artist ateliers to the public for the days of the event.

End of governance team report. Culture Secretary, Buenos Aires City government.

End of governance report. Culture Secretary of Buenos Aires City Government. The challenge was to design a report knowing it was going to be printed by the city press (the press had a reputation of a very bad quality for printing and finishes).
We took as much care as possible, minimising the possibility for errors and mistakes with bullet proof techniques as printing the interior of the report in one colour ink. The cover illustration was provided by the client and created by a plastic artist.

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