La Social Cervecera - Premium brewed beers pub
Menu design for meals (left) - Beers menu (right) with a selected premium breweries and gourmet beers on tap.

La Social Cervecera - Beer pub
Growler and bottle labels

Northbridge Futbol Club - Sponsorship presentation
Designed to pitch for sponsors.

Northbridge Futbol Club - End of Financial Year report
Layout, image retouching.

Northbridge Futbol Club - Events Posters
Different events organized by the club. Rolled into flyers and social media.

Northbridge Futbol Club - School holidays and camp flyers
Updated seasonal information for new enrollments.

Eugenia Aryan, fashion designer

Eugenia Aryan, fashion designer. Tag design for hand knitted garments.

Distortion Eleven. exhibition graphics

Distortion Eleven. End of year exhibition for Multimedia course at Tafe Enmore.

• cover of the invite to the event lay out flat • logo variations • flyer A5 • envelop and folded invitations.

de Groots media branding

New Branding for de Groots Media group.
The company holds a set of websites in hospitality. Best Restaurants and Best Venues are online catalogue while Best Gift Cards and Best Gift Certificates are e-commerce websites. By names it was noticed a products family, but the logos were inconsistent, weak and the potential visual impact of the group was disregarded. A new branding fixed instant recognition as a group of related products with a contemporary and flexible system.

Best Restaurants website was re-designed and coded from scratch in 2014.
It was my opportunity to design the User Interface, fix usability issues and learn a lot about site migrations, SEO and apply the latest corporate identity, new icons and colour palette.


Best Restaurants website. Along with the website redesign, came the B2B and B2C eDM templates.
All communications were managed through Mailchimp.

eDM for B2C • eDM for B2B restaurateurs • media kit cover

Left - right: back-end landing page • restaurant editing tools • search results page • homepage •

Media kit cover

Best Gift Certificates. Work in progress. The first decision was to be developed in-house. Website architecture, user experience, user interface, new improved redemption process implemented. The shopping cart was analysed and reviewed.
3/4 of the project progressed and management decided to buy an off the shelf solution with was adapted to the UX designed.

• Homepage • mobile and desktop. mobile first approached.

Experience Certificate: hard copy and mobile version.

Best Gift Cards. Originally, the Best Restaurants Card was sold only in stores and show inside the catalogue participant restaurants. Users got confused thinking all restaurants were part of the program and the online shop had green light.
When Best Restaurants was re-developed, the Restaurants card was moved to its own website.
The program was really successful and the first in its kind holding different vendors under the same card.
In 2016 the Spa gift card was introduced and the website hosted both gift cards.

• Website desktop and mobile home screens •How it works • participant spa landing page

2018 iteration for home page. New photo shoots.

Two different products coexisting on the same platform with different listings. A physical card working through EFTPOS.
Search results: Listing visualisation as list or on maps.
Listing landing page with detailed information.

APASD. logo and stationary

APASD, Parents and Carers for Down Syndrome people Association. Volunteer job.
In a small city in Patagonia, the association was a group of 5 families. They got its legal papers back in order after many years of being neglected. I joined them to design a logo, create a brand and set the visual guidelines.

• Logo • stationary

APASD poster series

APASD, Parents and Carers for Down Syndrome people Association. Volunteer job.
Re-launched their activities; set a community center offering therapies, advice, talks and guidance to clients who so desperately needed. They grew to 500 members after two years from the city and surrounds. 
The annual calendar printing  allowed them gathering founds to support the activities both years were sold out.

• Set of posters promoting their different activities

Zona Franca - free trade area branding

Zona Franca. Free industrial trade zone for the oil and gas industry in the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina. 

• Folder (spread) • web page splashes • Brochure, back cover and interior

Personal Pro. Website and brand for a personal trainer and nutritionist.
A comprehensive approach needed to be reflected in his branding.

• logo • business card • t-shirt • set of banners

T-shirt design for Personal Pro, fitness training.

Iobella. beauty center - street advertisement

Iobella. Aesthetic and beauty center.
Re-design and spring media campaign.
There was a visual redesign for the branding and the design for a new spring campaign. Pick season for the industry looking forward for the summer season. The tagline can be translated as "have a go" was a big success and increased sales by 30%.

• street poster

Iobella. beauty center brochure

Iobella. New branding brochure. Client's photograph materials.

• brochure cover and interior

Iobella. Beauty center.

• Magazine Ad

The colour beat cloud. Nice things on paper.

•Logo • temporary construction site • business cards

F5 - update. Project for Economics studies professionals

F5 update. Ambitious project for Accountants and economists. The project was generated at the School of of Economics Studies University of Buenos Aires were many of the governance members were involved.

• 2 Posters for launch event • magazine page
• Branding for editorial, training, congress, events and a virtual platform was envisioned.

See more materials of this project in Logos and Editorial

Brewhouse club. Stationary

Brewhouse Club. Was a brew-house bar in Buenos Aires owned by 4 friends and beer lovers.
They used to have 52 different beer brands and brewed their own ale and stout.
They never developed the Club idea in full, but hosted different workshops and special events.

• Stationary • club card • biz card

Brewhouse club. menu, seat tablecloth and label

Brewhouse Club. Menu pages, paper table seat cover, menu cover and the home-brewed Club beer label.

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