de Groots media branding logos

de Groots media logos. | A family of websites in the hospitality industry. Logos redesign. Branding concept and colours palete.
Art direction and execution

David's Cellar logo

Devid's Cellars. Independent liquor stores in Sydney.

Distortion eleven logo. End of year exhibition. TAFE Enmore.

Distortion eleven. Logo for end-of-year exhibition. Tafe, multimedia curse. "it all started with a pixel".
Graphic, concept and art direction.

Michael Fischer & associates logo

Michael Fischer & associates. Restaurant Broker and consultant.

Parents and Carers at West Pennant Hills Public School

Logo for the P&C school committee. They needed a logo in their communication to make clear which activities were promoted by the school and which were possible thanks to them.

Zona Franca Comodoro Rivadavia. Free trade zone for the oil and gas industry in Patagonia, south of Argentina.
Located where the red triangle points.

Flip - Bikes and rollers. Workshop and spare parts shop in Madrid, Spain.

Mundo Aparte. Noemí Maldavsky. Aryan logos

Logos for the fashion industry
Mundo Aparte. Gothic style garments.
Noemí Maldavsky. High couture fashion.
Aryan. Fashion designer hand knitted garments.

Bendy Awareness. Yoga clases logo

Bendy awareness. Yoga clases from Fernando Charnis

Lazos Estrategicos logo

Lazos Estratégicos. Marketing consultancy firm. "Strategic Bonds"

Personal Pro logo

Personal Pro. Nutritionist and Personal Trainer.

The colour beat cloud logo

The colour beat cloud. Nice things on paper. Garlands and paper decoration.

Las Calas. Restaurant | Valentino. Pizzería, named after the 1920's Hollywood actor |
Brewhouse. Restaurant and Brewhouse owned by 3 big friends.

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